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Africa Corporate Advisors services are divided into two categories which are Private Sector Development (PSD) Services and Corporate Advisory Services.

Private Sector Development services

Our PSD services are targeted at Governments and Development Cooperation Partners (“DCPs”). The latter includes International Development Agencies (“IDAs”)

Financial Inclusion

Investment Policy reviews

Investment and Trade Policy Advice

SME Capacity Building and Training

Identification, Design and Implementation of PSD programmes

Market Research

Project management

Workshop organisation and facilitation

We work on projects that enhance access to finance at affordable cost and access to markets by marginalised individuals in the community.

We work with Governments and International Development Agencies (“IDAs”) to review and improve the Investment Policy Frameworks in order to enhance the Ease of Doing Business and attract foreign direct investment (“FDI”).

We provide advice on trade and investment opportunities in the region. We facilitate investment transactions by providing advice to prospective investors seeking to invest in Zimbabwe and the East and Southern Africa Region.

SMEs are an important contributor to any country’s GDP. We provide training in productivity improvement, strategic management, financial management, access-to-finance, and quality enhancement.

We assist IDAs and Governments in the identification, formulation and implementation of development programmes.

We conduct market research in the areas of finance (Financial Inclusion, digital/mobile finance, insurance and microinsurance), trade and labour.

As part of our project implementation services, we manage projects and funds on behalf of IDAs.

We are experts in workshop organisation and facilitation. In this context we conduct pre-workshop researches, attend to material development, and workshop logistics, as well as facilitating and animating workshop discussions.

Corporate Advisory Services

Our Corporate Advisory Services are targeted at investors in the private sector and the business facilitation organisations that serve the sector.

Corporate governance

Corporate turnarounds

Investment Partner Identification and Capital mobilisation

Project finance

Capital markets

M&A transactions

Business Communication training

Corporate Training

We assist with the review of corporate governance issues and help develop effective governance systems.

We are turnaround strategists helping troubled companies to strategise and return to viability.

ACA assists companies in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa to identify foreign direct investors and strategic partners.

We assist investors in project development and the mobilisation of investment capital.

We advise companies on raising capital on public capital markets i.e. stock exchanges and official debt markets.

We advise on mergers and acquisition transactions and in the context provide due diligence and valuation services in order to procure value for money transactions.

We offer training in business/report writing, presentation skills, communication skills, leadership and productivity and time management.

We train employees to understand, commit to and identify with the company’s mission, values and visions and thus align their personal objectives with the strategic objectives of the organisation they work in.