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Country Profile


Botswana is a significantly wealthy country in the Diamond mineral and has become one of Africa’s development success stories. With a small population the government has executed good governance and political stability. The country has managed to maintain a stable and strong growth over the last 10 years with its major wealth coming from the diamond market which is very volatile.

The country recorded a low inflation of 3% and the government has prioritised diversification in the economy to not only rely on the mining sector but other sectors like agriculture, services and manufacturing. Botswana had tough regulations on the business environment but recently local authorities have made efforts to improve key legislation to the business improvements and plans for privatizations, rationalize parastatals and relax restrictions on visa’s and work permits.

The country has made efforts to attract international trade and to strengthen their role in the region. It is a member of multiple trade organizations like the SACU (Southern African Customs Union), WTO (World Trade Organisation) and SADC (South African Development Community).

Population, millions 2.25
GDP per capita, U.S. dollars, US$8031
GDP Growth, Percent 0.2
Inflation (2020) 2.2
FDI Net Inflow million 228.7
Export of goods and services billion 7.3
Ease of doing business (2019) 87
Principal Exports Diamonds, Copper, Nickel, Beef, Soda ash, Copper ores and Concentrates
Principal Imports Machinery & Electrical equipment, Fuel, Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Main Exports Destinations European Union
Main Imports Origins South Africa
*Figures are for the period 2018, unless otherwise indicated
Commercialization of the Agriculture & Agribusiness Sector

  1. Leather
  2. Beef
  3. Primary Production
  4. Feeds
  5. Ostrich Farming
Mining & Resource Beneficiation

  1. Soda Ash
  2. Coal
  3. Diamonds
  4. Base Metals
Manufacturing; Import bill substitution

  1. High Import Bill
  2. Automotive components
  3. General manufacturing; Almost all products consumed
Energy Sector

  1. Solar
  2. Coal-bed methane (CDM)
  3. Biogas and biodiesel
  4. Coal to liquids
Services Sector

  1. ICT
  2. Financial & business
  3. BPO
Tourism & Hospitality Sector

  1. Hotels & Lodges
  2. Tented Camps
  3. Air Charter Services
  4. Medical
Transport & Logistics Sector

  1. Trans Kalahari Railways
  2. Mosetse – Kazungula
  3. Botswana – Mozambique
  4. Aviation
Infrastructure & Property Development Sector

  1. National Infrastructure; roads, bridges, water pipelines
  2. Residential & Commercial Property Development